Independent Consulting, LLC
Peter C. Bucchieri
8455 W. Flamingo Suite 3
Las Vegas, NV 89147

Recent Accomplishments


  • Researched recent rulings on losses from embezzlement and was able to recover over $100,000 in taxes from previous year’s overpayment for client.
  • Negotiated reduction of business loan by $40,000 for client with successor of failed bank.
  • Helped trust referred by a bank renovate a building, increased leased space and sold the building for over $2,000,000 to bring liquidity to the estate and protection to the beneficiaries.
  • Negotiated Small Business Administration (SBA) loan for over $1,000,000 to help a medium sized business consolidate smaller loans at a more favorable interest rate and term and provided cash to grow the business.
  • Found a new client that was defrauded in a real estate transaction, helped in selection of attorney and won recovery of property in court.
  • Reversed IRS determination on charitable contribution by showing adequate substantiation of deduction, contrary to the stance IRS took.
  • Had IRS lien removed on residence of innocent child after IRS placed a lien for unpaid taxes of mother.
  • Installed pension plan for closely held business to shelter over $300,000 in retirement contributions before owners retired.
  • Found that clients’ prior accountant did not file corporate tax returns for over five years, advised client and brought company back into compliance.
  • Negotiated buyout of nonperforming partner in successful business so that remaining partners could recognize their efforts in business growth and profits.
  • Found a prior accountant had incorrectly prepared a tax return involving passive losses and amended return to receive $7,000 refund for client.
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